Care & Mounting

Caring For Your Wooden Prints

Your wooden prints are UV cured inks so are water resistant. If they become dusty you can wipe them over with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water

We do not recommend hanging them outdoors as the wood can swell from excessive moisture.

Mounting Your Wooden Prints

Your small wooden prints come ready to hang with removable 3M command strips. Our 50cm & 70cm square, 70 cm round, A2, A1 & extra large rectangle come with a hanging slot in the back.

Before you start make sure your walls are clean and dry, we recommend wiping them with a rubbing alcohol such as isacol.

Once ready to hang remove the paper from back of the mounting strips and press your wooden print firmly onto the wall, keep pressure applied for at least 60 seconds.

If you want to re position the print grab onto the bottom corners and peel away from wall, do not pull off straight. Remove the wall strip by pulling downwards on the tab, it will stretch downwards until it pops cleanly off wall.

You can purchase additional strips and reapply following the above instructions. For detailed information on 3M command strips visit the 3M website